Coach: “What was your time?”
Athlete: “13:21. I scaled, though.”

Every time I hear someone give their score followed by a ‘scaling confession,’ my heart breaks. As if scaling undermines all the blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally) that you just put in during that workout. Give yourself some (or a lot of) credit! You showed up, didn’t you? Tried your hardest? Sweat a little? Got your heart rate up? Maybe even had…fun!? GASP! So what if you scaled? BE PROUD of the work you just put in!

Scaling is NOT something to be ashamed of. Maybe you are scaling because you want to focus on your technique rather than worrying about the actual weight you move. Maybe you are dealing with an injury, coming back from an injury, or trying to avoid an injury. Maybe you are having a bad day. Or maybe the weight is simply too heavy or your skill level isn’t at an RX level yet – and hey, that’s ok! These are all perfectly good reasons to scale! Some are even very RESPONSIBLE reasons, I might add. As long as you tried your hardest, got a good workout in, and scaling allowed you to retain the integrity of the workout - that’s what matters most to me (and that you hopefully had fun while doing it).

I remember seeing this Facebook post a few years ago, and it always kinda stayed with me.

As athletes, we ARE ALL works in progress; working to become better, faster, stronger, more skilled. Whether you scale or RX the workout, own it! Be proud of your score. Own every grueling moment that you pushed through to get that score!

So next time you call your score out to your coach, try saying, “13:21, scaled.” Full stop. And put your equipment away knowing you’re a total badass.

- Coach Rachelle