Do you ever have those days where the last place you want to be is the gym? Or the days when you “forget your clothes” and decide not to go? What about pulling into the parking lot and thinking “All I need to do is just walk in! But I sooooo don’t want to!” Maybe you look at the workout beforehand and decide to skip it because it’s “too hard”. I think we have all been there. Some days we will find every excuse possible to prevent us from making it to the gym that day.

So think of your gym. Maybe you don’t like going to a class that has a certain coach. Maybe you don’t go when you see a certain movement. Maybe you don’t go on partner WOD day. Maybe you don’t go because you hate working out in the morning but when the afternoon comes around, you’re too tired. Whatever your excuse may be remember that it’s an EXCUSE. There will always be something that COULD prevent us from going to the gym but you can’t let it win. You have to dig deep, push through, and show up.

Currently, my list of excuses is pretty long. My son, the heat, my work schedule, forgetting my clothes, being too tired. I mean it’s literally always something. But I have a goal and all of these excuses are preventing me from reaching that goal. If you are like me and have a goal set for yourself if you continue to allow these excuses to win, then you are never going to get better. You aren’t going to see your numbers go up. You won’t get that pull up you want so bad. You aren’t going to get that ring muscle up you have been dying to get. You won’t move forward. You will stay in the same place or even worse, go backwards.

So what should we do about it?
We need to show up. You need to be there. People are counting on you. CrossFit doesn’t pride itself on you showing up, not talking to anyone, and getting a good workout in. CrossFit prides itself on being a community. A group of people showing up to the gym to join in the misery of the workout together. To cheer for you when you hit a PR. To stand beside you and count your reps until you finish your last one. The people in your class will notice you aren’t there. They will text you or call you and give you hell for missing a killer workout. You will miss out on the jokes, the fellowship, and the stories. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it when someone hits that
PR they have been dying to get. You might be the person that another member looks up to. You might be the reason that they are coming every day. You might be someone’s motivation to workout hard and when you aren’t there, they slack. I have shown up to workout in khaki shorts and a work shirt. I have showed up without shoes. I have forgotten to pack socks and a sports bra, which is way too uncomfortable. I have worked out with my hair down because I forgot something to pull it up. I haven’t had water more times than it’s acceptable. You guys get the idea I’m sure. But guess what, I showed up. I got my workout in. I didn’t let those little things keep from coming to the gym that I love and trying to work towards my goal. I am not saying that any of this is easy. It is hard, very hard to not let excuses keep you out of the gym.

I have learned from experience and from watching other people that any time you let yourself slack it makes it harder and harder to show back up. When you decide that sleeping in or taking a nap three days in a row is better than getting up and going to the
gym, then that fourth day is going to feel like death. When you decide that you need to take your gym membership out of your budget for the summer, when the school year starts back you might not come back. When you decide that you just aren’t feeling it one week and don’t show up, well guess what buddy, the next week is going to suck. It doesn’t ever turn out good for you or your body. You end up so sore, so tired, and then the cycle continues.

So why is it important to keep showing up? The moral of the story is that if you want to become #EVERYDAYBETTER, you show up regardless. You keep your mind and body your priority and you take care of it. You don’t let that little voice in your head tell you it isn’t important. That the workout is too easy or too hard. That no one wants to be your partner on Wednesdays. That you aren’t good at overhead squats so don’t bother going. That no one will notice you aren’t there. You tell that little voice to shut it. You show that voice who is boss. Show up and be so ROWDY. Crush the work out and give it your best effort. Don’t worry about what you can’t do but be focused on getting better. EVERYDAYBETTER.

- Coach Morgan