It would probably be pretty easy to sum it up as… I CrossFit because it makes me FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. And it’s CHALLENGING. And it’s FUN. And I get to do it WITH MY FRIENDS. And it’s GOOD FOR ME. Basically, what’s not to LOVE?!

And while that’s all very true, it goes a bit deeper than that….

Once upon a time, I was very overweight. I didn’t exercise, I ate like crap, and I felt TERRIBLE about myself. Flash forward several years, I lost nearly 60 lbs and would work out occasionally (although nothing ever really “stuck”). However, out of fear of gaining ANY of the weight back, I developed a VERY unhealthy relationship with food (read: eating disorder). Even at a healthier weight, I still hated my body – I was obsessed with trying to be “skinny.”

It wasn’t until I started doing CrossFit that something inside me just clicked. From my very first on-ramp workout, I started appreciating my body and what it is capable of. I have learned to focus less on the number of my weight or clothing size and instead focus on how I FEEL, how HEALTHY I am, how STRONG I am, how much ENERGY I have, and so on. It has transformed my entire life, helping me to develop a healthier lifestyle all around.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 4 years now and I have never physically felt better, nor have I ever felt better about myself.

Now that I have a son, I find that I am so much more mindful of everything I do. Included in that is setting a good example for him of what it means to be healthy. And I hope to set an example so that he respects and appreciates a woman’s strength – physical, mental and emotional.