The very definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” So, if the workout itself is constantly varied, why do we often allow ourselves to fall into a routine in almost every other aspect? When we hit up our box every week on the same days, for the same class time, with the same coach, and same classmates… are we hindering our potential?


Change It Up!

Sometimes a new class time means new energy and a different coach's eyes and cues. If you're in a rut, mix it up!

Different coaches means different coaching styles. Maybe one of your box’s coaches has an
awesome eye when it comes to technique or uses cues that simply “click” with you and can help
you improve your form and hit some PR’s. Maybe one of them has the kind of energy you need
to motivate you through those last grueling reps of a hero WOD. Maybe one is good at breaking
down and explaining the fundamentals of a movement, allowing you to finally RX a movement.
The point is – all coaches are different, have different styles, and different strengths. Don’t limit
yourself to just one or two coaches, even if they are your favorite. Seek out other class times so
you can be coached by someone different. Having many sets of eyes watching your technique
and performance can help you out a lot in the long run.

Community is a huge part of CrossFit and it isn’t uncommon to form tight friendships with your
fellow athletes. These are the same people cheering for you when you are the last to finish and
the first ones to give you a high-five when you are gasping for breath on the floor.
Trying out new class times gives you the chance to meet and make friends with other members
your box. You may find that a new group of faces renews your motivation and helps you set
some PR’s, learn a new skill, or simply enjoy CrossFit in a new way. You may even find some new
friendly competition giving you that extra boost to push yourself and set new goals.

Whether you head to the box at 5am or stop in the evening on your way home from work, it’s
easy to fall into a routine where you are working out the same time on the same days under the
same conditions. But let me tell you, the conditions can change dramatically between a 5am and
5pm class. Consider things like temperature, humidity, your mental state, energy levels, food, and water intake, etc.
CrossFit helps to develop athletes who are generalist, NOT specialists – good at most things,
rather than the best at one thing. Testing your performance under a completely different set of
environmental conditions, especially on a regular or semi-regular basis, can help you become a
better CrossFitter who is “ready for anything” and not just kick-ass at 5:30pm on a Tuesday
evening when it’s 71 degrees out with a new moon in the forecast. 

Throughout our CrossFit journeys, it’s common to hit plateaus. And while progress is not linear,
sometimes all it takes is changing things up a bit, to getting things moving in the direction you want