Rep Shaving

Why you so mad, bro?


We all know that one person who consistently shaves reps during a
workout. You aren’t the only person who notices, trust me. As soon as your
gym has a rep shaver, it is only a matter of time before everyone knows
and is talking about it. We feel the need to talk about it to make ourselves
feel better about the situation. We have to say it out loud so that when you
get beat, everyone knows the real reason why. We have to vent about it
because when you see that name at the top of the leaderboard it makes
you so fired up that you want to beat their score, even if it is made up. The
rep shaver is one of the reasons why you hate to see a 21-15- 9 workout
because you know for them it will be more like 18-12- 5 and their time will
be bogus. Don’t deny it. We have all felt this way before.

To be real honest, I have been a rep shaver hater for almost my
entire CrossFit experience. Coming from a competitive sports background,
I couldn’t stand it when someone wasn’t putting in their work. When you
play on a sports team and everyone has a job, you are always picking up
that person’s slack and it sucks. So transfer that into a competitive workout
environment and it made me SO fired up. When someone would beat me in
a workout because they shaved their reps, I would literally want to punch
them in the teeth. I would huff and puff and throw a baby tantrum inside. I
would whine and complain to my husband about how pissed I was. I not
only hated it as an athlete, but also hated it while coaching. I started to
count people’s reps for them, let them know what number they were on, or
tell them how many they have left. I would have hawk eyes on them making
sure that they were completing every rep to standard and not missing any.
All of this as a coach and athlete was just plain exhausting. It was messing
with me while working out to where I wasn’t completely focused on my best
effort. It was taking away my attention from other members because I was
so caught up with “catching them in the act”. Thankfully, my wise husband

helped me get over my issues with the rep shavers in my life. And to just
focus on me.

If you relate to anything I just said, here is my question to you. Why
does someone else cheating in THEIR workout bother you so much? They
are the ones cutting their workout short, they are the ones who aren’t
putting in the effort, and they are the ones who will be missing out on
GAINS….not you. So why does it get under your skin? My brain thinks, well
they are cheating. They aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. They
aren’t doing it right. They aren’t working as hard as everyone else. They
are LYING!

Well, all that is true, but what part of that effects your life?
I have finally gotten to the point where I have realized that someone
shaving reps shouldn’t bother me at all. I am super competitive so that has
been a hard thing to finally accept. I know that I am doing the best I can,
putting in MY best effort, getting results, setting PR’s, and feeling great
about ME. No one else should be able to take away from my joy and
excitement from doing my best in a WOD because they aren’t. When you
hear “3-2- 1-GO” you should only be focused on how well YOU are going to
do. You shouldn’t care one bit about the person next to you who
OBVIOUSLY cheated. The coach sees it, others see it, and they know they
are doing it. So let it go.

We all know a rep shaver. We all have them in our gym. We know
that the only time they will get it right is if they miscount or someone is
counting for them. But guess what, who cares? The answer should be,
NOT ME! The world keeps turning. You keep showing up. You keep doing
your job when you hear the beep. You are striving for greatness. You are
becoming #everydaybetter.