Nobody’s perfect and we are all bound to accidentally commit a gym faux-pas once in awhile, but below are 7 things that you should try to avoid doing in the box:


Wait, what's the WOD?

Le sigh...We just talked about it, bro.


1 - Walking in front of someone about to lift

Imagine getting all set up for your snatch. You're focused, you take a breath and are about to start your first pull when.... someone walks right in front of you…




Try to be mindful of what others are doing around you. If you see someone getting set up for a lift, don't walk in front of them. Walk (safely) behind them or pause for a moment to let them finish the lift.


2 - Talking while the Coach explains the WOD

Anyone can read the workout as it’s shown up on the board/screen, but your coach will go over movement standards, give helpful tips, discuss scaling options, give a rundown of the equipment needed, and help clarify any confusion about the workout. Take this time to stop chatting with your friend and give them your full attention. Not only will it help you be prepared, but it’s an easy way to show them respect (or quite honestly, they might feel disrespected if you’re not listening).


I’ll fill you in on your coach’s biggest pet peeve: It’s when someone who was talking during their explanation later comes up and asks for the WOD to be explained to them.

3 - Marking your reps on the floor with chalk

It’s a little thing, but most coaches/box owners don't like you marking up their floor with chalk to keep track of your reps. Instead, use things like a white board, poker chips, or some other counting method that doesn't leave a mark or require the coach to clean it up.


4 - Stealing someone's equipment during a workout

Easiest way to avoid this – listen to your coach when they go over the equipment needed for the WOD (see item 2). If you find yourself ill-prepared during a WOD and must suddenly borrow someone else’s equipment (without giving them warning), be courteous – don’t make them wait while YOU finish 100 wall balls with THEIR ball. If know ahead of time that you’ll have to share equipment, just make sure you coordinate with others. That way there won’t be any surprises.


4 - Dropping your empty bar

When unloading your bar, make sure you support your barbell as you pull weight off. You don't want your empty barbell to come crashing down as you pull that final weight off. It's loud and damages the bar.


6 - Putting your equipment away while others finish the WOD

If you finish a WOD early, it’s tempting to start putting your equipment away and moving on to the cash out or heading home. Instead, I encourage you to support and cheer for those still trying to finish the WOD. You’ll help them get through it and it will mean alot to them. And someday, if they finish before you, they’ll probably cheer you on in return.


7 - Leaving equipment out

Unless the coach has asked you to leave equipment out or someone from the next class has called "dibs" on your stuff, make sure you are putting everything away. Everything. Don't forget about things like clips, bands, mobility tools, etc. If you must leave in a hurry for some reason, just ask a friend or coach if they would be able to help you out. I’d be willing to bet that if you ask, they’d be happy to help.


- Coach Rachelle