2018. The year you crush it. Sounds nice, eh? Let's become #everydaybetter. One day at a time.

2018. The year you crush it. Sounds nice, eh? Let's become #everydaybetter. One day at a time.

Happy New Year!

I am not here to talk crap about New Year's Resolutions. I am sure you have seen plenty of that recently. No, I am here to take the opposite position.

Set goals. Be consistent. Fall down. Get back up. Give yourself some grace. Get back on it!

  • Set goals. They provide direction and magnitude, OH YEAH! (Watch this reference here.) It's tough to hit something without aiming at it.
  • Consistency is king (or queen, it's 2018 after all). Going to the gym M/W/F every week, is better than randomly going. Even if some weeks you make it 4 times. Routine is your friend. Unless your goal is to be more spontaneous. Then nix this point.
  • You will mess up. Own it. That isn't what keeps you from you goal.
  • Get back up! This is what will keep you from your goal. Don't stay down. Want to drop 20 pounds and go to a wedding and eat a steak, 2 pieces of cake, and have 6 glasses of Rosé. Yeah, that was a swing and a miss. But don't let that carry over to tomorrow's pursuit of the goal. 
  • Grace. Be kind to yourself. This is new to you. It's something hard, that's why you haven't done it before. Dust off your pants and...
  • Get back on it! Messed up? Awesome. You learned what not to do in the future! Maybe evaluate why (environment, stress, habit, etc) it happened and find out ways to avoid it happening in the future. Took Friday off from the gym even though your goal was to go every M/W/F? Why? "You were tired and burnt out from work." Doesn't going to the gym always make you feel better though? "Oh yeah, it does!" Cool. Remember that next time and be there Monday. Or maybe sneak it in on Saturday since you have no plans because you have no social life because work is so stressful! Blessings in disguise.

The goal to lose 20#, run a marathon, add to your savings account, learn a new language, or whatever you choose isn't an overnight fix. So don't treat one day like it is the end of the road. You might not remember, but it took you a few years to learn English. Heck, you couldn't even walk for like a year, you little baby! (That's tough love, from me to you.)

Let's do big things in 2018 by constantly doing little things, over and over and over again. By 2019, you won't even remember when this was hard!