Really, that’s it. You can go and implement this now.


I was going to just write “start” and then post this blog because that really is all the information you need. Here’s a few examples to demonstrate my point:

“I want to lose 30 pounds.”

  1. Start exercising. If you currently don’t exercise, starting is what you need to do.

  2. Start paying attention to what you eat. I am not talking about diets. I mean realize

    that you are on donut #3 for the day at work. And stop that crap.

“I want to be a better husband.”

  1. Start telling your wife you love her.

  2. Start doing things that demonstrate that.

“I want to learn to play guitar.”

  1. Start taking lessons. Or doing lessons via YouTube.

  2. Start scheduling in dedicated daily practice time.

You’ll notice I didn’t debate about what is the best exercise program to lose 30 pounds with or what the best diet consists of. Because that doesn’t matter. At least not at first. What matters is you start taking action. Not sure if CrossFit is better than Orange Theory or if Pilates is better than Barre? Answer: They are all much better than nothing (if that is what you’re currently doing, and let’s be honest, most Americans are doing nothing. According to a study done by the CDC, 79.4% of Americans don’t meet the exercise minimums suggested. And that’s self report data. If you know anything about self report data, you know that number is probably like 85%+.).

Being a better husband is simple. Do more things to serve your wife than you currently do. “But I don’t know if she likes Roses or Dahlias more” and “Would she more appreciate me mopping the floor or doing the dishes?” are great ways to get out of taking action. Answer: “Yes.” Trust me, she isn’t going to be upset with either choice. (PS- I bet you didn’t think your boy knew what Dahliahs were, well that’s where you’re wrong, pal.)

Not sure who gives the best lessons in your town? Answer: All of them are better than you need them to be if you don’t know how to play guitar. Once you get some competence, then you can make decisions on things like that. But if you’re at square one, you don’t even know how to evaluate who the better teacher is because you don’t know anything about playing yet.

You see, searching for what’s best is a poorly veiled effort to never have to start. Once you see this in yourself, you can fix it. The next time you think, “I want to do ________” just take immediate action towards the direction you want to go. If I want to walk to Maine, I don’t really need to plot the best route at first. I need to head north.

Take action. That’s the biggest hurdle to becoming #everydaybetter.