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This week’s #LetsEat! is a product review on Realgood's Breakfast Pizza. So let’s get into it!

The macros are pretty rad if you're low carbin' it. 
---> 260 cals (a serving is 1/2 a pizza)
---> 25g protein, 4g carbs, 16g fat

Here she is in all her prepacked glory!

Here she is in all her prepacked glory!

So here's the specifics (IMO).

I think 1/2 a pizza is a solid breakfast serving size if you paired it with something. Doesn't have to be much but you'd need a piece of fruit or something else to fill you up.

It was actually very tasty. I was shocked. I am the guy who poops on using HaloTop or other things like that to save macros because I personally think they aren't even worth those macros (taste/texture). This was good. If you like thin crust pizza, I don't think this is really a sacrifice at all (compared to grocery store pizza, not your local shop). The crust is chicken breast and cheese but I made mine a little crispy and didn't miss the tradition crust at all. Obviously your mileage varies here but I promise I won't try and get you to eat bad tasting food. That's not a part of my paradigm.

The major downsides to me are:

1. Price - I got this 1/2 off (and went back and got the last 2 after I ate this one) and find it worth that. But retail is $7. I don't think it is worth that. But 2 servings at $3.50 ($1.75/serving) I am happy to pay. Once again, this is a personal decision. If money is less of an issue for you than it is for me, this might not be a factor.

2. Who is this for? - This is a great low carb option. So it seems to fit rest day macros (or low carb life folks) pretty well. However, like I said before, I don't think 1/2 of the pizza is enough for a meal. So what do you pair it with? I am a bigger dude, so low carb days would leave me with a bit of fat to use. But if you have 70g of fat or less in your day (if you are IIFYM style nutrition person), and choose to eat the whole pizza (which would be very filling, I think) you have used HALF of your fat for the day. If you are a Keto’er, this probably plays well if you add fat to it. If you can have some carbs, it would pair well with an apple or something but then you're paying (I think) premium $ for a low carb option and then adding in carbs. So there's that.

I like it. I bought all 3 (on clearance) our store had. It fits my nutrition goals of being lower carb/higher fat and if I can pair it with a protein shake or just decide to suck it up and eat the whole thing, I think it makes for a great breakfast, since that tends to be the meal furthest from my training window.

If you have questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them!

The Realgood Breakfast Pizza after it’s 30 min session in the oven (made crispy on purpose).

The Realgood Breakfast Pizza after it’s 30 min session in the oven (made crispy on purpose).