Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Why are you so damn harsh? Written by Coach Morgan.

There is something about taking a good long look at yourself in the mirror that can just make you down right depressed. How many of you actually look at yourself in the mirror for more than a minute when you aren’t brushing your teeth, or doing your hair or make up, or shaving, or whatever “job” you may have to do. I feel like you are in the minority if you do. The longer I look at myself in the mirror, the more flaws I find and the more upset I get. The only time I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror was when I was pregnant with our son and knew that this miracle was happening with my body that I had no control of and it was awesome. But if
you flash back or forward from that time in my life it’s never been my favorite thing to do. The mirror can be our worst enemy. But if you are like me, I am tired of letting it have that much control.

I have talked about comparison before. When you see someone else over there being mr. or miss. perfect and you instantly hate them for it. It’s like, WTH?! But you’re over here trying to eat right and look good naked but you can’t stop grabbing your fat roll every time you sit down. Guys, I am sorry if this doesn’t apply to you, but ladies, you gotta feel me. I mean I
literally just did grabbed my fat roll and gave it a little jiggle. But I digress. What I am trying to say is that it sucks when you compare yourself to other people. You almost always feel inadequate because you can almost always find people around you that are better looking, stronger, faster, smarter, and you can assume they look better naked (unless you know for sure

But the thing we forget a lot of times is that there are people out in the world that feel that same way about YOU. Sit on that one for a minute. Someone thinks that YOU are smoking hot and wants to look just like you. Someone thinks that YOU are an amazing athlete and wants to be just like you. Someone thinks that YOU are the best parent or the best friend or nicest person or best co-worker or the funniest or coolest or whatever it may be. But the fact of the matter is, there are people who think that you are straight up awesome sauce. No ifs ands or buts about it.

The mirror is a dangerous place to stop and stare if you are looking with the wrong mindset. If you are looking with the mindset of comparison to the perfect people you have in your mind, you are going to be disappointed every time. If you are looking with the mindset that the people around you see you as amazing, that could be a game changer! Here is an honest bomb. When I look at myself I see wrinkles that make me look old. Muscles that used to be way bigger. Abs that used to be there that I can kind of see if I flex hard enough. A belly that used to be tight that now looks like a pooch. Boobs that sag. A butt that used to be way perkier. Skin that’s pale and not perfectly bronzed. And if I looked long enough I could probably go on. But I can’t help but feel defeated when that is my mindset. Which it is 99.9% of the time.

**Guys, if you have made it this far. Thanks for hanging in there.
You rock. But know your lady probably feels like this too.**

Here is my challenge for myself and for you. When you look in the mirror I want you to think about how far you have come and where you have come from. I want you to think about the hours of work you have put wear and tear on your body doing the things you have enjoyed doing. I want you to think of the happiness your body has brought you. I want you to think of the love your body has been shown. I want you to think of the memories you have made with your body. The places your body has gone. The scars you have earned. If you are in a relationship with someone who loves you and appreciates you, think about your body using the words they tell you and NOT the words you tell yourself. I have a smile on my face just
writing this. Go right now. DO it. Try and tell me it didn’t make you smile. Don’t let the mirror be your enemy. Let the mirror be a constant reminder that your body is an incredible machine that needs to be loved and well taken care of. Don’t stare into the mirror and think about the what if’s. Think about the what has been’s and the what will be’s. Work at making your body and your mind #everydaybetter.