The Tahoe Throwdown

AMRAP History Vol. 1

After years of making references that not even my CrossFit friends get, I decided someone needed to explain "where we come from". Like an anthropology course (not an Anthropologie course as I know very little about Volcano candles and high waisted pants) on the people in the Sport of Fitness. These won't be in chronological order. There will be no structure. I will just think of a random "historical" CrossFitty thing, and write a blog about it (and post YouTube links too). So if you are not "Prebok" (that's the cool OG way of saying CrossFit before Reebok became the title sponsor of "The Reebok CrossFit Games" in 2011 - link about Reebok deal), then there might be some names, places, companies, and stuff that you might want to know/learn about to understand the history of CrossFit. (Disclaimer, I will probably write about stuff as recent as 2014/2015 because that's really when the Affiliate world blew up, so many of our CF family wouldn't even know who my CrossFit man crush Matt Chan is or that his giant quad almost exploded (

So where to start? Or rather, which topic jumped to my mind first? The Tahoe Throwdown! This is classic CrossFit athlete goodness with a 28 episode YouTube playlist that is a must watch in my eyes (it is lots of 3-15 minute videos, so you don't have to watch it all at once...but you might once you get started). 

Why you should watch it:

  1. It shows a team battle of 20 of the best CrossFit athletes on earth at the time with fun events.
  2. It pits super team and equipment mogul Again Faster vs. the upstart rebel equipment company with the lesser known athletes, called Rogue Fitness. ("Ryan, obviously you have mixed up the team descriptions because I have never heard of Again Faster and Rogue is the most famous company on earth." Sweet summer child, you don't know what you don't know...)
  3. There's a lesser known AGAIN FASTER athlete that is in the background of these videos that you might have heard of. Yep, the Rich Froning Jr is donning the running man AF logo and competing against Rogue. And he doesn't get much camera time because nobody knows who that guy is...yet.
  4. The world starts its crush on CLB aka Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet because of these videos. And she marries Dave Lipson a few years after this. Dave was one of the resident CF badasses and one of the three dudes that I credit for making strength the "coolest" part of CrossFit (Rob Orlando who also is in these videos and Josh Everett round out the 3 strong guys). There's a hot tub scene that exists entirely to "encourage" viewers to do CrossFit that features CLB.
  5. You probably don't know who Pat Barber is. He is worth knowing. He sets, what can only be, the world record at the time for rope climbs to sneak out a big W. He also dives face first into a barbell to try and beat Chris Spealler in a foot race. They tie. This is event 3 but don't skip to it. Just enjoy it as you get there. (And if you don't know who Speal is, sad emoji.)
  6. A guy chases off a bear?!?

Hopefully I have sold you on watching these videos. You'll see how much the sport and athletes have changed when you watch some of these throwbacks. You'll see some of the best ladies in the world get 9 Clean and Jerks in a minute at 135#. For perspective, I am sure you have someone at your gym that can beat that number now. That was what Games athletes were doing in 2010.

You'll meet names that you will recognize now, some others that maybe you won't but would have know if you were into CrossFit by 2015 or so, and some that very few will know or remember. 

This is also one of CrossFit HQ's first media pieces like this. This sets the stage for the awesome media we have now and the stuff like "Behind the Scenes" at the Games. 

Watch it. Enjoy it. Class dismissed.