Why CrossFit

By Coach Ashley

When people hear “CrossFit”, what do they think of? Muscles. Heavy Weights. Impossible. The

unattainable. These are all thoughts that crossed my mind prior to stepping foot in a CrossFit gym. There

was no way an overweight, 3 month postpartum female could do anything inside that place. Not. One.

Thing. CrossFit isn’t made for someone like me.

Incorrect. My first workout as a 3 month postpartum, overweight female was 14.5. For those of

you who aren’t familiar with 14.5, it is as follows: 21 Thrusters, 21 Bar facing burpees, 18 Thrusters, 18

Bar facing burpees, 15 Thrusters, 15 bar facing burpees, etc. The prescribed weight (RX weight) was 65

pounds for women. I did this workout with a PVC pipe. A plastic tube people. If that isn’t scaled, not sure

what is. I completed 14.5, my first ever CrossFit workout, in 22 minutes and 44 seconds on March 28,

2014. My son was 3 months old.

CrossFit is made for someone like me and someone like you. It is formulated to fit any lifestyle

or fitness status. It is infinitely scalable. Any movement can be brought to a level that can be performed

and get the essentially the same outcome. Children can do it. Grandparents can do it. Someone who has

never stepped foot in an exercise facility in their life can do it. That is the best part of this crazy thing

called CrossFit. Not only can anyone do it but it is also applicable to our daily life. Don’t believe me. Ask

Michael Mills and how much it has helped him be able to maneuver his life in a wheelchair. Ask any of

the moms that worked out while pregnant and how it helped them through labor and recovery. The list

goes on.

So 14.5 was repeated in 2016 as 16.5. I was able to do a 65 pound thruster now. My time

improved to 14 minutes and 11 seconds. CrossFit works. It improves strength AND endurance.